The Village

Building safe, stable, affordable homes and a generous, supportive community

Artist impression of one-bedroom homes


The Village will provide self-contained homes using the supportive housing model, with placemaking as a strategic element. It will be constructed in partnership with three other organisations on land adjacent to South Croydon Anglican Church, 203-205 Bayswater Road, Bayswater North, Victoria.

The Emmaus Story

Vacant Land

In 1981 a large area of land (formerly a rhubarb farm) in Bayswater Rd, Bayswater North came up for sale. It adjoined the South Croydon Anglican Church (SCAC). The church congregation had been seeking ways to help the local community and it dared to believe the land could be purchased and used in some way to provide a healing, caring environment for those in particular need - especially for people on low incomes and those experiencing housing insecurity. The land was bought via pooled funds from the church congregation and Emmaus Christian Community Ltd was formed. Many possibilities were explored and discarded over the years. It was an amazing and risky journey for the congregation – it had the land and the vision, but no funds to make it happen. Eventually a joint ecumenical venture including other churches and organisations successfully obtained State Government funding to develop the land.

Creating a diverse and supportive community

A major part of the land was transformed into an attractive mixed community of private dwellings, a community park and playground, and 19 units of affordable housing for low-income families and singles. It was officially opened in July 2004 by the then State Minister of Housing, Candy Broad. As well as being a key joint venture project between government and the community, it was especially exciting to work alongside other churches of different denominations and not-for-profit Christian organisations to action the vision and meet the needs of the local community.

About the residents

Many of the families and individuals who have resided in the affordable housing over the past 20 years experienced for the first time in their lives the basic right to long-term, affordable and well-appointed housing. More than housing, the vision of South Croydon Anglican’s Emmaus Christian Community is to provide a home, and a supportive community to support the whole person, providing dignity, security and hope for the future.

Involving the whole neighbourhood

The support and enthusiasm of neighbouring private residents for the project over the years has also been very exciting. From BBQs to Christmas events, there have been opportunities for neighbours and friends to get involved and build wonderful friendships with residents.

Next Steps

The proposed building works at 203-205 Bayswater Road and 15-17 Home St will be the fulfilment of the dream: the entire site, purchased by locals over 40 years ago, dedicated to supporting people in need. In partnership with Stable One, Habitat for Humanity Victoria and Servants Community Housing, more people will be afforded the dignity, safe housing, and community connections they need to thrive.

Supportive Housing

Supportive Housing aims to assist tenants with diverse needs, addressing challenges such as loneliness, physical and mental health issues, disconnection and relational difficulties.

It encompasses not only housing but access to a variety of services offered on site or in the local community. A partnership between the Village and service providers is essential for the success of the Stable One Village Model.



Placemaking is an integral aspect of the Stable One Village Model. Placemakers are community members residing in the Village with a specific role in facilitating the transition from debilitating life issues to wellbeing. Their role involves building an intentional community, fostering connections, and providing referrals to services.

Working within a community development framework, the Placemaker also encourages residents of the Village to engage in an inclusive community, taking responsibility for one another as good neighbours.

Who are our partners?



Stable One - Project Coordination, Fundraising, Placemakers, Property Management
Emmaus Christian Community - Landlord, Pastoral Care, Funding
Servants Community Housing - Tenant referrals and Tenancy Management
Habitat for Humanity Victoria - Construction and Property Maintenance

Who will live in the Village?

Tenants will be a diverse, mixed community of people at different ages and stages of life. We expect that they will be a variety of singles, couples, and parents with children, all who are ready and able to live independently but who need a little extra support to do that well.

What are we building?

We will build five one-bedroom (single storey) and six two-bedroom (double storey) homes. Ten homes will be for long-term, affordable rentals, and the remaining home will house the placemakers.

‘Affordable’ means that the rent will be at least 25% below market value.


Artist impression of two-bedroom homes

What will it cost?

The total project cost estimate is $3 million.

This represents c$200,000 for each one-bedroom home, and c$300,000 for each two-bedroom home.

How will it be funded?

A significant contribution will be made from Emmaus Christian Community from the sale of a parcel of land behind the village.

Funding partners are also being sought via philanthropy and fundraising efforts.

Opportunities to Get Involved

1 – Provide an interest-free or low-interest loan to help fund the start of the build?

2 – Link us with foundations or philanthropists

3 – Make a tax-deductible donation

4 – Leave a legacy

5 – Collect cans and bottles as part of the Container Deposit Scheme and donate them to Stable One

6 – Offer your skills or trade when the build begins

7 – Raise funds – host an event, get sponsored, have a birthday fundraiser

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