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Challenge yourself to support people whose challenge is finding a place to call home

In 2021 we held our first April challenge. Local champions individually fundraised as they ran, walked or rode a chosen section of  the Warby Trail. Together they raised over $15,000!

2023 is a busy year for Stable One - we'll be running a local Winter Shelter, continuing to support our Network Affiliates, and also working towards the development of an Affordable Supported Housing Village.

So, we've DOUBLED our fundraising target and we're asking you to help us raise



For all you energetic types - perhaps you could ask your friends and family to sponsor you to RUN, WALK, SWIM or CYCLE? Maybe you could SQUAT, PUSH UP or STAR JUMP? If this isn’t your style, maybe you could be sponsored to READ, DRAW, PAINT or SEW?

Can you SELL some home-made jam, run a BAKE SALE at your church or workplace, or host a GARAGE SALE and donate the proceeds?

How about setting a challenge that helps raise awareness about homelessness by being sponsored to SLEEP
in your car for a night?

Get even young kids involved too – can they be sponsored to SKIP for five minutes every day in April? How about five CARTWHEELS, or five minutes a day DANCING to their favourite tunes?!

Why not grab some friends and family members and come up with a TEAM CHALLENGE?

Register your challenge by clicking the link below. We'll send you some further information and keep in touch with you about your progress!

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