April Challenge - Warby Trail

Pick your own date, plan your own challenge, get sponsored and make a difference to those whose challenge is homelessness.

Walk, run or ride all or part of the Warburton Trail. You can go by yourself or grab your mates, your family, your colleagues, your retirement village buddies, your classmates, your riding/walking/running group, or youth or social group and complete a challenge together!

The trail is 40kms and goes from Lilydale to Warburton, touching many of the places that people come from who stay with Stable One. In April, we are opening 'The Lodge' - year-round supported accommodation in Launching Place offering a community that cares, connects and empowers people experiencing homelessness. (Launching Place is at the 29.4 km mark on the trail.)

Set your own challenge (see map below) …

  • one section of the trail
  • a relay covering the whole trail
  • the whole trail (maybe even both ways – 80 kms!)

Registered Participants Challenges:


Team Duke (kids) - Lilydale-Warburton
Team Duke (dad) & John W - Lilydale-Warburton-Lilydale
Two Tyred Foxes - Lilydale-Warburton-Lilydale
Sharni M - Mount Evelyn-Warburton
Team Lodge - There-n-back
Ian & Carolyn B - Wandin-Warburton-Wandin


Team Duke (Mum) - Lilydale-Warburton
The Proclaimers - Lilydale-Warburton
The Pleasant Trailblazers - Lilydale-Warburton (relay)
Kat F - Lilydale-Warburton
Dianne S - Seville-Warburton
Two Barrys and a Dog - Mansfield-Yea (80km)
Marg B & Ellen A - Lilydale-Coldstream
Sarah S - canal walk (England)
Walkie-Talkies - Seville-Yarra Junction
The Adams Family - Walk (England)
Steph C - Walk 20Km


Cherie I - Run the distance of Lilydale-Warby during April

Warburton Rail Trail Map. Image credit: Yarra Ranges Tourism. (Distances shown are approximate)
click here for detailed maps