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In 2008, a guest reflected on his experience of Hackney Winter Night Shelter (UK). He'd been homeless for 9 months, sleeping on public transport. During that time he hadn't had a single conversation. 

The best thing (about the Shelter) was that I was normal. I wasn’t a homeless man, I was just a guy having conversations.

Why Stable One?

This name came from those who met together for prayer in August 2016, though they didn’t know it at the time. There was a real sense that evening that the task was too huge for us to solve, but that it was okay if we only helped just one person. God confirmed that message to us in the next days and weeks through different people and through scripture. Particularly we read the story of the lost sheep. Read it here. 

The word ‘stable’ represents not only the place where the Messiah was born, but also a state of being. For those experiencing homelessness, stability is crucial to their wellbeing. Not just in terms of a place to live, but in terms of strong foundations on which to build. As Christians, we believe that the firmest foundation on which to build a life, is Jesus Christ. He is the Stable One.

'more than a place to stay'

We want to offer people more than just a roof over their heads and a bed for the night. We are the church. We are a community, a family. We have the opportunity to build relationships with people who are often lonely and isolated and to love them like Jesus.