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ONE place for ONE lodger for ONE week with STABLE ONE

“I feel like a valued person.”

Drew* has a history of domestic violence and subsequent struggles with alcoholism. She became homeless when her adult children moved out, leaving her unable to find suitable, affordable rental.

Drew stayed at The Lodge for two months and enjoyed connecting with volunteers and joining in with programs. She was supported to enrol in further studies, move into a small unit and has now found full-time employment.

The Lodge
The Lodge

The problem

Homelessness is a huge issue right here in our backyard.

Since March 2020, 316 families and individuals have presented across the eastern region in housing crisis. In the Yarra Valley specifically, more than 60 are living in motels and short term crisis accommodation. (Anchor Inc. Nov 2020)

Addressing the problem

Stable One partners with individuals, churches and organisations to offer local people a pathway out of homelessness with supported accommodation. The Lodge is more than a place to stay – it is a community that cares, connects and empowers.

How you can help

Become a One:One sponsor.

ONE place for ONE lodger for ONE week with STABLE ONE costs $480 (includes accommodation, utilities, all meals and programs).

Your donation of $240** matches the lodger’s contribution of $240.

**Pay 12 instalments of $20/month
*Name changed

Become a One:One sponsor

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