Shift Worker

Volunteers will be rostered according to their availability and will work at whichever venue is hosting the Shelter that night.


  • Record your details in the Log Book on arrival and put on name-badge (first name only).
  • Assist in set up and tear down of venue.
  • Assist in cleaning the venue before and after guests have attended.
  • Assist in preparation of meal and drinks.
  • Engaging with, supporting and helping guests feel welcome. Familiarise new guests with venue facilities.
  • Learn names of guests.
  • Take responsibility of health, safety and welfare of self and others.
  • Be aware of and assist in evacuation procedures if required.
  • Assist in conflict resolution if necessary.
  • Follow the instruction of the Shift Leader and report to them any incidents as soon as possible.

Shift Leader

Each shift will have an appointed Shift Leader. This may be the Venue Coordinator or another volunteer.


  • Allocating jobs to volunteers.
  • Taking key decisions when other volunteers are unsure of the best course of action.
  • Supporting volunteers where necessary in responding to guests.
  • Arrange handover between shift leaders.
  • Liaising with the Venue Coordinator and/Project Facilitator if necessary.
  • Be vigilant about maintaining the Log Book. All volunteers must be signed in and any incidents recorded.

Venue Coordinator

Venue Coordinators are responsible for managing the human and physical resources of the Shelter. They will be called upon to make decisions as to the most appropriate course of action if required and may wish to make these in consultation with the Project Facilitator. They will receive training regarding policies and procedures and will be required to implement them. Venue Coordinators must also be very familiar with the building and evacuation procedures.


  • Attend meetings with Project Facilitator and other venue coordinators.
  • Team leader of a shift on the night at their church.
  • Ensure safe and smooth running of Shelter at their venue.
  • Ensure there are enough volunteers for each shift in liaison with Volunteer coordinator.
  • Prepare the venue.
  • Ensure provisions are available and sufficient to prepare meals and clean venue before and after use.
  • Leading and briefing team, allocating jobs and giving vision to volunteers.
  • Receive the guest list and book guests into theShelter venue.
  • Be vigilant about maintaining and keeping secure the Log Book and ensure it is passed on to the next venue.
  • Remain contactable throughout the time that the venue is being used.
  • Collecting and providing monitoring information to the Project Facilitator.

Cook/Kitchen Help

The evening meal will be served at 7.30 pm. Numbers will be around 20 (inc. volunteers) and will be confirmed by 5pm.


  • Either purchase or use food provided to cook a healthy meal.
  • Follow the Food Hygiene Policy and procedures.
  • Arrive at venue from 6pm. Contact the Venue Coordinator if you need to negotiate early access. Serve meal at 7.30 pm.
  • Guests and volunteers are responsible for cleaning up.
  • Once the kitchen is cleaned up, you have the option of leaving the Shelter or staying on to be with the guests.